Starter Ctr Bearing Clutch Sub-Assembly

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The Starter Ctr Bearing Clutch Sub-Assembly (#28021-24120) is a vital component in the Starter system of your Toyota vehicle. Residing within the category of Engine-Fuel parts, its primary role is to aid in the smooth operation of the vehicle's engine by ensuring a seamless transmission of power from the engine to the other parts of the vehicle. This is achieved through the synergy of several mechanisms and components within the Starter Ctr Bearing Clutch Sub-Assembly (#28021-24120). Over time, however, the wear and tear from regular use can compromise the optimal performance of these components. This may lead to sluggish or inconsistent vehicle performance. Using genuine Toyota parts not only ensures compatibility with your vehicle, but also affords you the peace of mind provided by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Starter Ctr Bearing Clutch Sub-Assembly (#28021-24120) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of the Starter system, thereby enhancing the overall performance of your vehicle. Replacing this part periodically is of utmost importance to maintain the overall health and performance of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 28021-24120

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